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Oxdog Ultimate Match Hes Carbon


Designed for intermediate and experienced padel players who seek power along with a sizable sweetspot at the top of the racket, while still valuing control in their gameplay.

the Control racket by Oxdog offers exceptional performance and precision. Featuring SilentSpeed technology, this racket delivers powerful shots with minimal noise, allowing for focused and controlled gameplay.

Part of Oxdog’s innovative Diamond Collection, this racket combines cutting-edge technology with functional performance to elevate your game to new heights.

The PowerRibs located on the top of the racket ensure maximum power and balance, while the Double Size Hole (DSH) system enhances playability outside the sweetspot. The Racket Balance System (RBS) allows for customization of the racket’s balance to meet individual preferences.

Constructed with HES-Carbon, the racket reacts swiftly, transferring energy into speed and power while enhancing durability.

Shape: Diamond
Weight: 360g
Foam: Soft
Material: HES Carbon
Balance: Top
Attribute: Control 
Level: Casual, Intermediate, Advanced

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